The world of manufacturers reps is a strange one.  The business models and technology in the Plumbing Wholesale world have evolved, but it seems the sales agencies working with these wholesalers have not.  Our biggest difference revolves around being a true partner. Our outside sales team is tasked with bringing value to the wholesaler and plumbing contractor alike.  We expect them to handle themselves, and their activities, to higher degree of professionalism than what is commonplace today. They schedule appointments and provide information that allows data driven, revenue generating conversations to take place.

We have two warehouses in Texas, stocking product that allows for wholesalers to provide a quick turnaround for the end user.  This prevents our customer from missing a sale, and the contractor from holding up a job.

We pride ourselves in our ability to train our customers on our products. Much of what we sell is very technical. We use that as an opportunity to be the experts in our related product fields. We train the wholesale team, as well as contractors and plumbing engineers. We are a knowledgeable resource for our customers. Not just a place to call and check pricing and availability on a product.

What it really boils down to is this… We’re investing heavily in our business.  We’re investing in technology, employees, warehouses, computer systems, employee development and inventory to make sure we’re bringing value to our customers.   We’re investing to GROW and that’s the bottom line.  Too many of our competitors aren’t doing that.  They’re continuing to operate as they always have, and always will.  We know we can’t do that. The distribution models are constantly changing and becoming more advanced, and we want to be on the leading edge.